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Neighborhood Nuisances - Just the FAQ's

Pet Nuisance FAQ's

From time to time the STACC get's inquiries regarding various neighborhood nuisance's. While in general we do not get involved in these cases, we are pleased to provide information and references to agencies which may assist you when we can.

Q: There are large and unfriendly dogs on my block which enter my yard and have growled threateningly at myself and my children. Also, there seem to be stray cats in the neighborhood which are entering my property and being a nuisance. Can the Association help with this situation?

A: Regretably, the Association is not able to assist with this kind of problem. However, here is information on several agencies which can help with unrully pets. If the animal is vicious and attacking, immediately call the Police at 911.

* Silicon Valley Animal Control, Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno, Santa Clara & Saratoga: (408) 261-5401
* Humane Society of Santa Clara County (408) 727-3383
* Campbell Police Non-Emergency Response (408) 866-2101

Boarding House Room Rental

Q: I have recently seen a local house sold and turned into a boarding house. It is my understanding that this is a R-1 zone and boarding houses are prohibited, what are the limits and restrictions on renting out rooms in your house and occupancy levels?

A: According to the City of Campbell there are no rules regarding renting, apparently it is ok to rent as much as you want to anyone you want. This is a holdover from Campbell's history as an agricultural community.  Interestingly enough, This question has been raised before, and the City actually contacted the fire department to find out if there are any special rules.

The only rules which apply are the "Minimum Egress Requirements", which covers access to and egress from buildings. Basically, if it is just a regular residence, there are no rules except a maximum of 10 occupants per 300 sq feet. This basically means that you can pack them in like sardines with no legal consequences. Now, it gets more interesting if it is a registered boarding house. If it is actually registered as a business for boarding, there are MORE restrictions than if it is just a house that someone is renting rooms in!

If there is high traffic in the area, and other problems due to the excessive occupancy levels, then you can contact the Campbell police.

Dispute with Neighbor Regarding Fence

Q: I'd like to put a new fence up to ensure privacy but my neighbor doesn't want to share the expense. Also, we don't agree on where the actual boundaries of the property line are. Can you help resolve this problem?

A: The STACC cannot help with this, but there is a FREE service provided by Santa Clara County Goverment which can. They are a volunteer group of people trained in mediation called Dispute Resolution Program Services. These people will attempt to set up meetings and assist you in mediating the dispute with your neighbor to come to an amicable resolution of your problem.
Dispute Resolution Program Services
Office of Human Relations
County Government Center
70 West Hedding Street
Lower Level West Wing
San Jose, CA 95110
408-299-2206 phone
408-297-2463 fax

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