San Tomas Area Community Coalition

Areas 7-9 (West Parr, Elam and Rolling Hills Areas)

Area 7 - West Parr

Bracebridge Ct.
Gay Ave.
Hacienda (south side)
Hack Ave.
Lucot Way
Maggio Ct.
Oburn Ct.
Patricia Ct.
Peggy Ave. (Steinway to Hacienda)
Peggy Ct.
Scott Ct.
Sheila Ct.
Steinway (Not all houses are deliverable.)
W. Parr (north side, Hack to Capri school)
W. Parr (north side, Pollard to Hack)

Area 8 - Elam

Apts: (west of San Tomas Aquino, where Hazel meets STAR) Newsletters placed on bulletin boards
Cobblestone Development (Cobblestone Drive, part of Elam and part of San Tomas Aquino Road)
Condominiums at San Tomas Aquino Road near Hazel
Crockett Ave. (Elam to Westmont)
Crockett Ave. (off STA)
Crockett Ave. (off Westmont)
Elam Ave. (from Crockett to Harriet)
Elam Ave. (from STA to Crockett)
Ginden Ct.
Ginden Dr.
Harriet (east side, San Tomas Aquino to Westmont)
Harriet (from Elam to Inskip)
Inskip Dr.
Inwood Ct.
Inwood (east side from Elam to STA)
Inwood (west side from Inskip to Elam)
Inwood (west side from Inskip to STA)
Jonathan Ct.
Margaret Ln. (includes 2 houses on San Tomas Aquino between Margaret and Crockett)
San Tomas Aquino (Harriet to Westmont)
Westmont Ave. (north side, Harriet to San Tomas Aquino)

Area 9 -Rolling Hills

Abbott (off Hacienda, north of Hacienda)
Abbott (off Westmont, south of Westmont) (& 2 houses on Westmont west of Abbott)
Archer Ct.
Archer Way
Ashlock Ct.
Beth Way
Fawn Ct. (& 2 houses on Westmont behind Fawn Ct.)
Fawn Dr.
Hacienda (north side, Del Loma to Harriet)
Hacienda (north side houses)
Harriett (Hacienda to Westmont)
Littleton Place
Munro Ave.
Regina Way (the “1000 block” to Harriet)
San Tomas Aquino (west side, Westmont to Hacienda)
Turner Rd. (Private Rd.)
Westmont Ave. (south side, Harriet to San Tomas Aquino)
Westmont Ave. (south side, not covered by Rhonda, above)

Posted by audrey on 07/24/2003
Campbell, California 95008

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