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We are an association of long standing, which grew out of committees originally formed in 1985 to work with the City of Campbell to ensure the character and benefits of the San Tomas Neighborhood would be preserved. To this end, with the cooperation of the City of Campbell we were able to establish the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan (STANP), an extension of the General Plan with specific rules which apply only to the San Tomas Neighborhood. 


Area(s) - The San Tomas Neighborhood is made up of 12 regions. Please see the separate area information in the Pages & Links section of the web site.


The neighborhood association itself filled for recognition in 1993 to become the San Tomas Neighborhood Association (STNA), and later changed to the current name of STACC (San Tomas Area Community Coalition).


Over more than three decades we have held meetings, published a newsletter, and maintained a web presence. We have established strong ties to the United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County. Our meetings are scheduled 4 times annually, with additional special meetings taking place when the community has a need to address issues such as development, crime or special events.



The San Tomas Area Community Coalition (STACC), exists as an organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for residents within the boundaries of the San Tomas Area and neighboring communities. It serves as a means of communication between members and governmental bodies on issues that affect their interests. STACC also fosters neighborly good fellowship among the residents of San Tomas and neighboring areas. STACC promotes and defends the unique character of the San Tomas neighborhood as outlined in the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan (STANP), as well as the small town atmosphere of the City of Campbell overall.


STACC is a non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers.


Our overriding goal is to help residents take care of our neighborhood by taking part.


“Together we STACC the odds to fight for our Neighborhoods"



We are a non profit group and STACC will gratefully accept any monetary donations, but as we are NOT a 501c3 charity donations are NOT tax deductible, but are instead considered to be a gift to the association. Please send donations to:


STACC Donation Department

1509 Walnut Dr

Campbell, CA 95008-6838

Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope or an email address so we may send you an acknowledgement of your generous donation gift.



The role of the STACC is to provide information to the residents of the neighborhood as well as the City representatives.  The STACC will facilitate communication between the City and the residents as well as serving as a means of communication between the residents of the San Tomas area and city, county, state and federal governmental bodies. This will allow residents to participate and contribute to the future of the neighborhood, across a broad range of issues.


To this end the board appoints members who serve as the eyes and ears of the STACC at both City council and planning commission meetings. In speaking to city officials, the position of the representatives is limited to representing the STACC. Under no circumstances should a representative give the impression they are speaking for residents of the entire area. Representatives may voice their own opinion on any issue but must make it clear to the city officials that they are not speaking as a representative of STACC but as a concerned neighbor.


STACC representatives attend appropriate City meetings for the purpose of learning about and reporting back issues and actions that could impact the San Tomas and neighboring areas.   The STACC Board determines if and when the STACC will take a position regarding such issues and actions.  


If individual members of the STACC Board have personal opinions or views regarding an issue or action being considered, that member must identify him/herself as speaking independent of the views of the STACC.  At no time can a Board Member represent themselves as a spokesperson for the STACC without approval and agreement from the Board.


In all cases, the STACC will attempt to inform and educate residents by conducting meetings, surveys, and distribution of informational flyers. In cases of controversy, the policy of the STACC Board is not to take sides against one neighbor or another, but to ensure that both sides are kept abreast of public hearings and have as much information as possible and to facilitate communication between opposing sides.


The STACC may act as a conduit for governmental and non-governmental agencies and groups that have information of interest to the residents.  These may include problems related to property, issues of crime prevention or restitution, civic involvement, and other topics of a neighborhood focus.  The STACC may host candidate's nights for all office seekers and for competing sides of City ballot propositions in order to foster communication and education.  The STACC may take a position regarding political candidates or ballot propositions if they impact the San Tomas Neighborhood, or the adjoinig areas. Upon STACC Board approval it may endorse candidates, and distribute specific political opinions or promotional materials.  


The STACC will sponsor at least one social event each year.  This event could be an opportunity for various interest groups to attend and distribute information, but only upon approval of or invitation from the STACC Board.



Block Captains: These are the footsoldiers of the STACC. Each Block Captain delivers information to one or more blocks. In cases of emergency, Block Captains get the word out to their areas.


Area Captains: The Area Captains serve as liaison between the Board, Block Captains and residents of their area. They recruit Block Captains, coordinate the distribution of information and materials through the Block Captains, inform the Hospitality Chair of new residents in their area, and in cases of emergency, coordinate getting information out to residents of the area.


We are actively recruiting Block Captains and Area Captains.


Volunteering: Increase your exercise and get to know your neighbors by becoming an STACC volunteer! If you are interested in volunteering with the STACC, please contact Audrey Kiehtreiber at 408-410-6528.

Campbell, California 95008

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