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Monday, May 4, 2020


Our primary contact person for association business is the President of the association, Mrs. Audrey Kiehtreiber.


Contact information: 



1509 Walnut Dr

Campbell, CA 95008-6838


We are always seeking more volunteers!



 A.PRESIDENT: The President shall be the chief officer and shall preside at all meetings; shall have the power to appoint committee chairpersons, with the approval of the Executive Board; shall have the power to call special meetings of the Executive Board and the membership; and shall advise and assist other officers in their duties. Present Annual Report of the year's activities at the last meeting of the year. The President shall serve as the primary contact and official spokesperson of STACC with members of the media, City Staff, City, County, State and Federal  Government officials.  


All articles which are linked or attributed to STACC to appear in public publications must be reviewed and approved first by the President. The President may at their discretion, delegate the roll of Media Contact to an individual of their choosing with the approval of the Board.


Audrey Kiehtreiber

phone: 408-410-6528


B. VICE-PRESIDENT: The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the event of the latter's absence or inability to serve or in the event of his/her resignation or recall. Shall be responsible for coordinating the informational programs for each monthly meeting. Responsibilities include: surveying members for topic ideas, securing guest speakers, making speaker introductions. Shall follow up with a thank you note to speakers on behalf of the STACC.


Open Position


C. SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep minutes of all regular and Executive Board meetings; shall preside at meetings in the absence of the President and Vice-President shall keep a copy of all newsletters, correspondence, and any other documents which are a part of the history of the San Tomas Area Community Coalition; and shall handle all correspondence.


Rebecca Yates

Phone: +1 (408) 966-8866


D. TREASURER: The Treasurer shall administer all monetary transactions, and shall keep an absolute record of all receipts and disbursements to be reported at each meeting. Prepare Annual Budget and Annual Financial Report. File appropriate tax forms. Maintain liability insurance. Maintain memberships as required.


Open Position


Phone: (408) 410-6528


E. MEMBER-AT-LARGE: The Member-at-Large, will serve as an officer of the STACC as a member "without portfolio". The President or the Executive Committee shall determine the specific tasks to be undertaken by the Member-at-Large. 


Joanne Carroll

Peter Kiehtreiber

Ellen Dorsa

Barbara Robinson



CAMPBELL CITY COUNCIL AND PLANNING COMMISSION REPRESENTATIVES: There shall be several Representatives who shall between them represent this organization by attending at least one meeting per month, and when not physically attending the representative shall view the broadcast.  The Representatives shall request support as needed and report all developments to the Executive Board. Attendance at City meetings may be delegated to other members as desired by the Representatives. Submit report of Council proceedings to the Communications Chairperson for STACC publication as appropriate.


Ellen Dorsa

Maggie Desmond


MEMBERSHIP; HOSPITALITY CHAIRPERSON:  The Hospitality Chairperson shall be responsible for contacting and welcoming new neighbors, and for maintaining an accurate name and phone listing for the master address listing. He/she shall be assisted by Area Captains.


COMMUNICATIONS CHAIRPERSON: The Communications Chairperson shall disseminate information to the members and to the community at large and facilitate communication between members. Shall be responsible for submitting timely articles or notices about STACC activities and meetings into local publications. Shall work with other Chairpersons to maintain web presence, mailing lists, blogs and newsletters.


UNSCC REPRESENTATIVE: The UNSCC representative attends UNSCC Risk Management Workshops, and participates in UNSCC activities, meetings and is an active member of the mailing list. Reports at regularly scheduled board meeting on activities of the UNSCC.


Audrey Kiehtreiber




There shall be twelve areas within the greater San Tomas Area as defined in attachment A, with Area 13 defined as the neighboring areas. Area Captains shall serve as the liaison between the Board and residents of their area. Area Captains are responsible for recruiting, and shall coordinate newsletter distribution to their area; shall cooperate with the Hospitality Chairperson by informing him/her of each new family in their Area and assist him/her in official welcome. In the event of an emergency the Area Captains shall work through all available resources in informing all households within their areas as quickly as possible. Area Captains may appoint any number of assistants.



Area 1 -  Budd

Open Position


Area 2 - Old Orchard

Open Position


Area 3 - Hacienda

Open Position


Area 4 - Capri

Audrey & Peter Kiehtreiber

phone: 408-410-6528


Area 5 - Hazel

Open Position


Area 6 - Bucknam

Open Position


Area 7 - West Parr

Maggie Desmond

(408) 507-7616


Area 8 - Elam

Doug Gillison

(408) 891-5355


Area 9 - Rolling Hills

Harry Greenwood

(408) 378-7439


Gail Miller 



Area 10 - Jack Fischer

Open Position


Area 11 - Silacci

Rebecca Yates

Mobile phone: (408) 374-2412


Area 12 - Rolling Hills Junior High School

Open Position

Campbell, California 95008

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