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Welcome to the San Tomas Area Community Coalition

We are an association of long standing, which grew out of committees originally formed in 1985 to work with the City of Campbell to ensure the character and benefits of the San Tomas Neighborhood would be preserved. 

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STACC is whole heartedly endorsing Liz Gibbons, Anne Souza, and Anne Coyne ByBee for Campbell City Council.

All three candidates have experince in local government albeit from different perspectives. Liz Gibbons has served as Councilmember and Mayor of Campbell for the last 4 years, and has demonstrated her willingness to listen to the community and deliberate decisions. Anne Souza has served on the Civic Improvement Commission, and has worked first hand to bring community oriented programs such as youth job fairs and Art programs to the city.  Anne Coyne ByBee served as city Clerk for 30 years, and brings her first hand experience to the job of navigating the administrative waters.

All three of these candidates have indicated that for them today's challenges are to protect Campbell’s small-town experience, respecting its roots,  while carefully nurturing Campbells growth to be a financially stable, vibrant, and prospering community for generations to come.

Campbell needs candidates with both experience and a fresh eye to today's challenges.

Councilmembers should first and foremost heed the concerns of the residents, and place their concerns over those of transcient profit takers. 

VOTE Liz Gibbons, Anne Souza, and Anne Coyne ByBee for Campbell City Council.


About STACC:

The neighborhood association itself filed for recognition in 1993 to become the San Tomas Neighborhood Association (STNA), which later was changed to the current STACC (San Tomas Area Community Coalition). Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents living within the boundaries of the San Tomas and neighboring areas. Our goal is to preserve the unique character of the San Tomas neighborhood as outlined in the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan, as well as the small town atmosphere of the City of Campbell overall. The STACC mission is to promote good fellowship among the residents of the San Tomas and neighboring areas as well as keep residents informed of issues and changes that will have an affect on them.

Over more than three decades we have held meetings, published a newsletter, and maintained a web presence. Our meetings are scheduled 4 times annually, with additional special meetings taking place when the community has a need to address issues such as development, crime or special events. We hold an annual Ice Cream Social for the community on National Night Out the first Tuesday of October.

STACC is a non-profit organization run exclusively by volunteers.

Our overriding goal is to help residents take care of our neighborhood by taking part.

“Together we STACC the odds to fight for our Neighborhoods"


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